Electric heated Sleeping bag

In the dump、chilling night, how to warm up your sleeping bag? 

It is easy for our electric heated sleeping bag.

1 For Campers,if jack socket available, please use our enclosed ,adapter to generate heat. 
    For hikers, a normal power bank is enough to get warm.
2、Smartphone APP control soft 
Download our APP, then you can easily manage to set the running time, target temperature etc.

3、FIR thermo is good for health
Far infrared thermo can accelerate blood circulation,and Enable you to recover from fatigue better.

Please refer to our Website www.firsermo.cn for more Information about FIR. 

As long as you take off the controlling System before washing,it can be washed as usual.
Do you take a power bank (or a lantern with USB Output) when Camping? please take our sleeping bag together along with them. You do need it to get warmth in case Of cold or to elimainate humidity in case of damp.